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I’ve been contemplating updating the covers of my books for quite a while. I liked the covers, but I wanted something simpler, more streamlined, and a style that would be easier to carry across the series, uniting all the books visually.  Well, it was time to really start thinking about the cover of the third book, which meant it was also a perfect time to think about updating.  So, without further adieu, here are the new covers:

E cover e2cover

The cover of Book Three, which is entitled Eden, is also done, though I may end up tweaking it a bit here and there before I release it.  The writing is moving along— sometimes faster and sometimes slower.  Yesterday, for instance, I didn’t get any writing done because I was working on book covers.  But today the writing will resume.  We’re about halfway there.  The first chapter has gone to my editor and come back with only a few bits of red pen, yay!  And we are shooting for release somewhere around June.

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