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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  I hope you are having a spectacular day celebrating the joy of love, whether you have found that special someone or whether you’re still waiting.  Or, hell, whether you’re popping balloons, scoffing at roses, and telling people to stick their chocolate bars up their you-know-wheres.  (We’ve all been there, right?)

An appropriate little snippet for you from Book Three in the E series, currently in progress:

“Whoa!”  Apollon is now choking on his rum.  When he manages to swallow whatever is stuck in his throat, he says, quite seriously, “Not going to happen.  You should know better.  I don’t do love.”
My eyebrows climb a notch higher.
He shrugs helplessly.  “I don’t.”
“That’s really fucking cynical for a guy who goes around spouting poetry all the time, you know.”
“I’m not cynical,” he protests.  “I believe in love.  I just don’t do it.”
“Why not?”
He frowns for a moment, thinking.  He’s really contemplating this answer.  Finally, he says, “Because I’m happy the way I am.  I like the freedom of just being me.  And love— it wrecks you.”

Anyway, in honor of Valentine’s Day, today I’m participating in the Indie Love Blog Hop, in which we are spreading love around the internet for our fellow Indies.  We’re like a bunch of slap-happy cupids, I tell you.  I personally recommend just staying inside.

The challenge for this blog hop was to write a post about “your favorite” Indie author.  But I have a good handful of favorites to share with you.  Being part of the Indie community means that yes, I know these people, and yes, they are friends/acquaintances.  That is *not* why I am including the recommendations below.  I’ve read a lot of Indie books, and I’m recommending some of my favorites:

Jane Dougherty:  I looked Jane up on Goodreads after reading an impressive review of one of her books on a blogger’s review site.  Jane kindly gifted me the first book in her Green Woman series, The Dark CitadelI’ve been a Jane Dougherty fan ever since!  I absolutely love this series, which is perfectly dark and disturbing, while pulling in classic fantasy elements, plenty of mythology, and a lot of interesting characters.  Jane has done a collaboration (with Ali Isaac) of short stories– retellings of Irish myths– for Valentine’s Day.  Perfect, right?  Gra Mo Chroi: Love Stories from Irish Myth  I have not read these yet, but do I plan on it?  You bet your booty!

H. L. Burke:  I started following Heidi’s blog through another blog hop last year.  I really enjoyed all her ramblingProduct Detailss about writing, but I was pretty busy and never picked up one of her books until recently.  A while back, Heidi put the first book of her The Dragon and The Scholar series on a free promo on Amazon.  So I was like… yeah, I’ll give it a try… but I wasn’t sure I’d like it.  Within the next two weeks I had bought all the rest of the books in the series.  These books are sweet, light fantasy, and they are adorable.  I’m still reading the last one– I slowed down major-time because I’ve been *busy*, but yeah, I would recommend these if you like a fairytale-style fantasy romp.

Product DetailsDavid Estes:  This guy has written *tons* of books, and I haven’t read most of them.  I picked up a copy of Brew, one of his latest, and ended up loving it.  It took a while for the magic to sink in– I wasn’t convinced at first– but yeah, great book.  It’s about the witch apocalypse.  Yep.  The witch apocalypse.  Witch-slaying + book blogger + cool dog = fun.


N. S. Dorrington:  And if you love YA fantasy with a good dose of romance, look no further than my fellow Rock the Book chick, Nicola, who has put together a lovely little modern spin on the King Arthur myths.  The Last Knight is a tale of prep schools and sorcery.  I mean, we all knew Lancelot would look great in a leather jacket, right?  😉

So there you have it, a handful of awesome Indie books.  *Shoots arrows all over hell and gone*

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Many thanks to Debdatta over at for hosting this blog hop!

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  1. Laura

    It may take days to get through this hop. I appreciated your visit.
    I will go read your chapter next.
    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I know David Estes has a readers group on Goodreads too

    • me

      Yes! And I sometimes hang out there, when I have a spare moment… which, unfortunately, is not very often, lol.

      I agree… I will still be hopping days from now. :p

  2. Toi Thomas

    Still making my way through this hop and here I am. Love this list of suggestions; more titles to add to my TBR list. Also, l like the cover of your book- and that title “E” is enough to make you wonder. Great addition to this hop. Thanks for shaing.

  3. Sarah M

    Thank you for participating in the hop! I just finished reading the chapter (and leaving my comment on that page). Maaaan does it sound interesting! My brain’s wondering so many things right now, and I *have* to read this book. Great teaser 🙂 Glad I visited!

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