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I am absolutely in love with this series!  However, I have not read “Jason & Lily” because I haven’t decided if I actually want to know their backstory.  Is that weird?  I am afraid it will change how I feel about the characters I have grown to love, and I really like who Lily is now.  So I should refer to her as Eden then, right?  I don’t think you should allow your past to dictate your future, thus, I loved when the journal was damaged.  Honestly, I want Eden to return to Matt.  I know he is a semi evil overlord, but she seems to bring out the best in Matt, and his intentions seem true when it comes to Eden.  I don’t know that Jonas is as faithful to her.  Anyway, Kate, get writing!  I want to see where this goes!

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  1. Kate

    I’m writing! I’m writing!

    I think you make a good point about the past. We can learn from it, but it shouldn’t dictate who we become in the future. I think Eden has quite the whopper to deal with when it comes to sorting all that out. I really don’t envy her!

  2. Danielle


    I thought this was a very interesting opinion! I have read the prequel, so I don’t want to say anything that might give anything away. There were moments while reading the first two books that I felt Matt was her future. But I just can’t bring myself to hope she’ll return to him. He’s a semi-evil overlord! Not to mention all of the warnings she’s received from everyone, the veiled threats he’s thrown in her direction, and his overall attitude and approach at handling things. I don’t want to say anything about Jonas having read the prequel… Let me just say that although your opinions might be changed by their backstory, I don’t think your opinions will diminish the characters. If anything, I was grateful I finally knew the backstory – even though Eden doesn’t know it herself yet. It gives me insight that I otherwise wouldn’t have, and can look at each character knowing their story, whether they can be trusted or otherwise. Knowing what you know having NOT read the prequel, and knowing what I know having read it, I can honestly say you’re missing out!

    As for the past, I agree, your future should not be dictated by your past. But I think your past will always be a part of who you are. It’s your experiences in the past that have shaped you as a person. Although Lily was erased, Eden still holds Lily in her soul. And who Lily was in the past has to shape who Eden is in the future in some way. Her experiences, her heart, are all still beating within Eden. Eden just needs to figure out how to balance her past as Lily and her future as Eden in a way that makes her happy.

    If you do read Lily and Jason, I’d be very interested to see what you think after having read it. How your opinions changed and how you feel about the characters. Please let us know! 🙂

  3. Franc

    I totally agree. by the end of Eden I was so disappointed Matt & Outpost 3 were nowhere to be seen. Please don’t abandon them to this love story. Get back to changing the world.
    Otherwise I absolutely LOVE this series.

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