Being an author is a lot of work.  It’s not easy to reach new readers, and choosing to go Indie pretty much means I have chosen to go it alone.  I have a lot of confidence in my work, but I am not a marketing genius.  Nor do I have large excesses of time or money.  So if you have a few minutes and you’d like to help me out, here are some ways you can do it.  All of you who help in big and small ways are tremendously appreciated.  (Please understand I am not asking for anything but your honest opinion if you choose to review or rate my book.)

  • Tell people you know.  If you have friends (or family members, or coworkers, or gastroenterologists) who would enjoy reading what I write, please send them my way.
  • Write a review (or even just rate my book).  Here are two great places to write reviews or add ratings.  Amazon and Goodreads.  You could even do both if you’re feeling ambitious.  I read all reviews, and sometimes cry (not really).  (But almost.)  (Happily.)  (OK, I’ll quit with the parentheses now.)  Here’s a great article on Why Reviews Matter.
  • Also check out Lists with This Book.  This is a Listopia feature on Goodreads.  You will see the different lists that my book is currently part of.  Note the rank number before you click on the list, then click on the list, scroll to my book, and vote for it.  This helps move E up the lists so that more people will see it.  You can also add E to other lists that you think it should be on.  If you use Goodreads regularly, you also know you can recommend a book to a friend through your Goodreads account.
  • If you use Pinterest, repin my book.  Here is my Pinterest E Page.  This is my beginning collection of things that relate to E.  You can pin my book cover from there.
  • Tweet about my book, if you are a Twitter user.  Here is a shortlink you can use in your tweet that will point to my Amazon page:
  • Find me on Facebook.  Share my posts and invite your friends (and gastroenterologists) to like me, too.
  • Come up with your own creative way to tell people about E, and let me know how you do it.  I’m already totally impressed at how creative you are.

So, there it is.  Happy Help-An-Author Day.  Now let’s have some cake.

Have another idea for getting the word out there?

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