My Friend’s Book Is Free (Today and Tomorrow)

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Hey everyone!  Just a quick one to let you know that the lovely N. S. Dorrington is giving away her book, The Last Knight, today and tomorrow only.  Grab a copy and read up!

The Last Knight on Amazon

Like any teenage girl, Cara Page dreams of the future, the difference is, every day those dreams come true.

Now she’s dreaming of a boy, and a future that can’t be real. Because if it is, then everything she thought was myth and legend is actually true, and there is an evil coming that will tear the country apart.

Lance Filwer is a boy with secrets of his own, and a past full of mistakes he can’t undo. Cara is his second chance, his chance to succeed where he failed before – if only she’ll trust him enough to let him help her.

Cara needs to know what’s happening, but the answer lies in a long forgotten past, and an ancient legend. To find it Cara will have to travel into the depths of Wales, and the heart of ancient Britain.


Just remember, if you miss this couple of free days, you can read The Last Knight on Kindle Unlimited.

  1. Nicola S. Dorrington

    Thanks, Kate! I hope people will grab a copy and enjoy it!

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