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I’ve been pretty busy lately, and not keeping up with the blog very well. So… what have I been up to? Writing, for one. I’m still revising TMT, and I think it’s going pretty well. I dove into a major revision this past weekend, and I feel pretty good about where it’s going. I just have to work out a few more bits with the timeline at the beginning of the novel, write in a few changes, and I’m calling that part done. (We’ll see if my editor agrees with me!) Speaking of my editor, I received my first feedback from the illustrious Pol Blaze, who said it was really good. And then told me to change it. But reinforced that it was really good. See why I love him so much? He was absolutely correct about the part I needed to change… which is what I’ve been working on. So it is all going according to plan. Yay.

In other news, I have been sooooo bad about sharing features with you all on my blog. Here’s a couple more:

Kory Shrum has featured me on her website.

And I am Kate Jack’s book choice, part 2.

OK, saved the best for last: Jane Dougherty’s The Dark Citadel is free on Kindle August 20th and 21st only! This is an amazing book and comes with my personal recommendation. If you liked my book, I’m betting you’ll like Jane’s. It is dystopian crossed with fantasy. I read the first and the second book… going to read the third as soon as I have a free moment. It’s like crack cocaine. Seriously.  So go download it.  It’s free right now, for goodness sake!

I am truly tired, so if any of the above ramble does not make sense or sounds like it has been written by a sleep-deprived madwoman, please forgive me.  Just wanted to let you all know I’m still here.  Still writing.  Only a couple more months now!

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  1. Tricia Drammeh

    Lots of great news this week! Congrats on being featured on Kate’s wonderful blog. I’m looking forward to reading E. Also looking forward to Jane’s new book. So many good books to read!

    • Kate

      Yes, and not enough time! I have my long list of to-review books… and Beyond the Realm of Night sitting there just teasing me. I’m making myself wait, but it is oh so difficult!

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