Cover Reveal: Elegy (E, Book 4)

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Hey guys!  I’m still working away, trying to get Book 4 ready for publication.  I know I’ve been pretty quiet about updates, but that’s because I’m focused on getting this book done.  I still don’t have an official release date.  I’m hoping it won’t be too far off, now, though.  I’m probably going to be skipping a lot of the book-release-hoopla this time around and just focus on getting the book to readers as soon as possible.  All that said, here’s the cover of Elegy.  Hope you all like it!


Elegy cover

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  1. Susan

    I like it! I don’t like the title, but only because it makes me wonder who we’re saying goodbye to. I know all things must end, but I’m not ready to let go of this series, and these characters! Looking forward to the release. Thanks for such a gripping and engaging ride.

    • Kate

      That’s very astute of you, Susan. I’m not saying anything. :/

      I’m not really ready to let go of these characters or this series, either, though I’m writing the last book as we speak. I think I’m going to go through a bit of a grieving period once the series is done.

      I’ve just set the release date for Elegy: November 23rd. Barely over a week! So glad you’re along for the ride. 🙂

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