Can you write a review for The E Series Boxed Set?

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I just wanted to put a request out there to all you E fans.  Can you write an Amazon review for the boxed set of books 1-3?  I’ve just recently put the boxed set together, and I’m trying to promote it.  However, there are only a few reviews on it so far, which I think discourages people from picking it up.  So, if you’ve read the first three books, it would be great if you could write a review for the boxed set.

If you’ve already reviewed any of the other books, you can simply copy and paste your review over.  If you haven’t written a review yet, please remember that reviews don’t need to be long or complicated.  You can simply write your opinion however you want to put it.

The boxed set can be found here.

Thanks so much to all of you for your help!  Reviews can make such a difference. It’s a way that you all can take part in my writing journey and help the series grow.

Say something!!! :)

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