Behind the Novel: 5-star review, and first impressions from Booklover 2.0

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It was an exciting morning.  I love getting nice stuff in my inbox.  And there’s nothing nicer than hearing good things about my book!  This was all a complete surprise.  I knew these lovely ladies were both going to review my book eventually, but I didn’t know it was coming today.  And not just one, but two nice chunks of feedback.  It was a bit like Christmas.  🙂


You can see Alice Dee’s five-star review of E on her writing blog, Behind the Novel.

And on Booklover 2.0, Laquesha has blogged about her first impressions as she gets into E.  (As an author, I just love the peek into the mind of a reader who has not finished my book yet!)

Oh, and if you haven’t seen my featured artist spotlight on Light Knocks yet, that is definitely worth a read.

Lots of love to all you awesome bloggers, readers, and my fellow authors.  Hope you are all having a feels-like-Christmas day, too!


Read the first 2 1/2 chapters of E:






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