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There are reviewers, and then there are reviewers.  When I asked Rae Slater to review my novel, it was not without trepidation.  Why?  Because she is an amazing, thoughtful, intelligent reviewer.  She doesn’t miss much, and she doesn’t hold back.  And while, yes, these are the perfect qualities that any reader would want in a reviewer, for an author it can be scary.

Well, I really believe in my work, so, cringing just a little, I handed my baby over.

…Then there was the waiting.  Would she like it?  Would she hate it?  Would she find problems that I was not even aware of as a writer?  I mean, let’s face it.  This is the girl who gave The Fault In Our Stars a 4 out of 5.  That’s just plain intimidating.

OK, so the verdict is in.  Rae has give 4.5 out of 5 stars (yes!), and the missing points were taken off because of my cover.  I can so live with that!  (Guess who I’ll be asking for advice on my next cover, by the way!)  You can read all of Rae’s comments on her blog What Happened to the Wallflower?  where she details everything and awards points by category for cover, narrative, plot, and characters.

This one really made my day.  I feel like I have passed a test or something.  Many thanks to Rae for taking the time to read and review E!




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