Progress update: I’m still alive and working

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Life has just been crazily busy these days, but I thought I’d make a quick post to let you know that I’m alive and kicking.  Elegy is coming along quite well, and I’m still hoping to release it in the late fall (maybe the end of November).  The word count is now at 93,000 words and climbing, which is pretty much a whole book, but I’m not done with the story yet, so it looks like this one will be a long one. defines ‘elegy’ as:

a mournful, melancholy, or plaintive poem, especially a funeral song or a lament for the dead.”


Some interesting things in Elegy (in no particular order):

  • Another journey.
  • Jonas participates in The Contest for the right to rule Wynwood.
  • Somebody falls head over heels in love.
  • Eden makes some life-changing/world-altering decisions.
  • Apollon says the word ‘quack’ repeatedly.
  • Some new characters, including Lozzi, who is named after… well… Lozzi (our contest winner).
  • Some old characters.  Not saying who, but we know who you’re all hoping for.
  • Eden and Apollon’s relationship takes an interesting turn.
  • Jonas apologizes.
  • Eden smells octopi.
  • A kick-ass Sentry battle (Am I allowed to call it ‘kick-ass’ if I wrote it? *Shrugs*)
  • Death, destruction, and rock ‘n’ roll.  OK, maybe not the rock ‘n’ roll.

…for starters.  So, yeah, a lot of changes in this book, and some things that never change.  Kind of like life.


I still have not set an official release day.

This will depend somewhat on my editor, and whether he makes me rewrite the book a thousand times along with ten pages of “I will not write crappy sentences.  I will not write crappy sentences.  I will not write crappy sentences…”

Hopefully not.

Meanwhile… everything is going great.

The E Series had record sales in the month of July.  Thanks so much to all of you who are out there supporting my work and spreading the word.  Thanks for all the new reviews, likes, and shares.  I count myself very lucky that you’re all part of my writing journey.

As for blogging…

I often find myself running out of things to say.  Usually I communicate through my stories.  At any rate, if you have any questions, topics you’d like me to write about, etc, I will happily take the suggestions.  Feel free to reach out through the comments, email, or social media.


I hope this finds you all well.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

And the winner is…

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A great big congratulations to Ashlee Durland, who has won Lily’s journal.  Ashlee subscribed to my mailing list for the winning entry.  And her quiz score was 100%!  Awesome job, Ashlee!



Many, many thanks to those of you who participated, especially those of you who braved the blog posts.  I was incredibly impressed!  I wish you all could have won.  For those of you who didn’t, there’s always next time.  Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Love this world – Fan Post by Erica

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I am absolutely in love with this series!  However, I have not read “Jason & Lily” because I haven’t decided if I actually want to know their backstory.  Is that weird?  I am afraid it will change how I feel about the characters I have grown to love, and I really like who Lily is now.  So I should refer to her as Eden then, right?  I don’t think you should allow your past to dictate your future, thus, I loved when the journal was damaged.  Honestly, I want Eden to return to Matt.  I know he is a semi evil overlord, but she seems to bring out the best in Matt, and his intentions seem true when it comes to Eden.  I don’t know that Jonas is as faithful to her.  Anyway, Kate, get writing!  I want to see where this goes!

What “E” Means To Me – A Fan Post by Danielle

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I can’t say enough good things about this series. I can try, but any words I can use will not adequately convey just how good this series is.


Let me start off by saying I have recommended this series to EVERYONE. And I mean that; my mother, my boyfriend, my coworkers, my book club, my facebook friends, and even a random lady in the store. I read all four books in three days, stopping only long enough to work when I had no other choice, eat, and sleep. And even in my sleep I was dreaming about them. Seriously. I dream of finding a love like Lily and Jason have, I dream of fighting sentries and winning the war for freedom. I dream of Oscar, and finding him for Lily, bringing him back to Lily.


I can’t put my finger on what makes this so special to me. I have not felt this strongly about a book(s) in many, many years. I’ve read some amazing books, but nothing has evoked the feelings that have been brought out in me by Eden’s story. I feel like I’m in her head, I feel her pain, I feel her love, I feel her joy.


Kate, you’ve done an amazing job creating something that truly feels real. I’m not just reading a novel, I am fully immersed in a world that you’ve created with your words.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for creating something so wonderful.

Last day to enter to win Lily’s journal…

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20150715_085154Yep!  Today is the last day!  I will announce the winner tomorrow.  If you’ve been meaning to get around to taking the quiz and haven’t, time’s a tickin’!  For those of you who have taken the quiz multiple times and not passed, I encourage you to keep trying.  Most of you are so close!!!

If you’ve taken the quiz and passed, please make sure that you’ve submitted your points to the Rafflecopter in order to receive credit.

…And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the link to the giveaway post that explains everything you need to begin.

Please remember that the giveaway is open to US residents only.