Upcoming Promo on E, Rambles About Book 2

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I mentioned not long ago that E would be going on promo sometime soon.  I thought this would be during the month of September, but it turns out that the advertising that I want to do in conjunction with the promo could not be scheduled until October.  So… on October 3rd E will be going on sale on Kindle for 99 cents.  It’s a great time to tell your friends about it.  🙂

I’m sure these updates are getting a little boring, but I’m stilllllllllll editing.  This is probably the most tedious part of writing a book, but it is so important.  I want the next book to be as good as it can be when it hits the shelves.  There are always lots of loose bits that need to be tightened up, and things that amuse me, the writer, but apparently amuse no one else….  Those have to be dealt with.  I also tend to understate things at times, and my editor always catches me on those and demands I rewrite them properly.  :p  I’ve just gotten back a rewrite of the first section of the book with a note that says “BETTER”.  I had to ask what “BETTER” meant, specifically, and apparently it translates to a pass… however I still feel I would like to make some changes, so I think I’m going to have another look at it.  First I’m going to finish my rewrite of the next section so that my editor can get on with that.  We’re coming up on deadline quickly, and I am determined to release in November at the latest.

Some things to look forward to in the second book:

  • The world outside of Outpost Three.
  • More of the characters you love, and some new ones.
  • Answers.  I know you want them.  (They come with a side of some more questions.)

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