Um… like… OOPS?

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Hey all you fabulous blog subscribers! You wouldn’t believe the major OOPS I managed to create this afternoon. As I was getting ready for the big *drumroll* Cover Reveal of Evolution,  I created a test post of all the HTML that will go out to a good number of bloggers tonight for the official Cover Reveal on Wednesday.  (I’m sure you already know where this is going.)  OK.  *Something* went wrong.  Too little coffee.  Too much screen time.  Not enough technical prowess.  Whatever you want to call it.  *Somehow* I managed to make a test post that was supposed to be a private, detached webpage go out to all my social media, and email to all my blog subscribers.  So… can we just pretend like you didn’t see it yet?

Thanks!  Hopefully you are all looking forward to the Very Official Cover Reveal on Wednesday.  I know I am!


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