May the Fourth Be With You

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Happy Star Wars Day to all you other SW fans!

For the record, I don’t consider myself a nerd.  However, if I was going to be a nerd, I would be a Star Wars nerd.  While I don’t bother memorizing the make and model of every ship, cataloging the vast number of species that inhabit the SW galaxy, or that sort of thing, I grew up on SW.  It is part of my personal culture.

I was too little to understand the story when A New Hope came out.  My mom took us to the drive-in to see it.  I remember flopping around on her lap, a little bored and tired, asking repeatedly when the princess was going to come back.  I wanted to see the princess, dammit.  When it came out on video, the boy next door got a copy.  He came over to watch it.  And then my brother borrowed it.  We watched that movie every day, sometimes three times a day, for god knows how long.  Long enough for it to seep into my soul.  Somewhere between then and now, I became a die-hard SW fan.

My Star Wars Nerd Qualifications:

  • I have an original Chewbaca figure (um, somewhere) and a not-so-original Chewbaca on the shelf in my living room.
  • People get me Star Wars cards for my birthday.
  • I have a bumper sticker.  Eep.
  • One of the first piano songs I learned to play was the SW theme.  I own the book with the whole soundtrack.
  • I’ve been Return-of-the-Jedi Princess Leia for Halloween.
  • Yes, I’ve played the RPG.

There’s considerably more, but I’m not telling you.  I may be overly qualified as a SW nerd.  Anyway, happy SW Day.  May the Fourth be with you!  Always!


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