I’m this month’s talent on Light Knocks!

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Light Knocks is an awesome website for creative people, run by Jerome and Tiffany, who describe their site as “a collective community of creative minds that are pursuing a common goal, living a purposeful life, collaborating our talents, showcasing our passions, and bringing awareness to our generation.”  At Light Knocks, you will find all kinds of awesome talent across the board of the creative industries.  There’s music, film, writing, and more.

In addition to artist spotlights, you will find inspirational quotes, advice, and a lot of thoughtful articles to help keep your creative juices flowing.  There’s something at Light Knocks for everyone.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be featured on Light Knocks this month!  A big thanks to Jerome and Tiffany for having me!

OK, so head on over to Light Knocks and check it out!

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