Nicola S. Dorrington
Nicola S. Dorrington

As promised, here is my interview with Nicola S. Dorrington, author of The Last Knight and Chasing Freedom:


I really enjoyed reading Chasing Freedom.  Can you tell me what inspired you to write this story?

I have always been a fan of werewolves and I always figured I would write a werewolf story one day. I love the contrast between the man and the animal – it’s what makes werewolf characters so interesting. The characters for Chasing Freedom actually came into existence as characters for a Role Play type thing, and they just continued to bounce around in my brain and I knew they had a story of their own to tell. Chase was originally a side character, but eventually I knew it had to be his story. I liked the idea of turning the traditional trope on it’s head. In a lot of YA urban fantasy the character is a loner, the outcast, and when they discover their supernatural ability that’s when they start to fit in. I liked the idea of it being the other way around. So, yeah, lots of different aspects brought this story together.


Do you have a character in the story that you just loved to write?  Why?

Well, obviously Chase was a lot of fun to write, but I actually loved writing Maladict more. He’s snarky and sarcastic and dark and I had a lot of fun with him. Hence part of my answer to the next question…


I understand that you are planning a sequel.  Will there be any more Chasing Freedom books after that?

There will be two full length sequels – Being Alpha is the next one, with the third book as yet untitled. But I am also planning two or three novellas that will focus on other characters in the series. That came about because I enjoyed writing Maladict so much that I wanted to delve into his backstory more, and I knew it wouldn’t fit into the main novels, so the idea for novellas was born. The first will be Blood Calling, which will fit in between the first and second books of the series. It’s already mostly written so will probably be the next thing to be released.


What made you decide to become an author?

When I was a kid I always used to get so involved in a book when I read it, that when I finished it I would create more stories in my head – a bit like fanfiction I suppose – a sort of ‘what happened next’. As I got older I would write some of them down. It was an English teacher when I was about 12 who suggested that I tried creating characters and stories all of my own. I’ve never looked back. I tend to think that I’m a author because if I didn’t write the stories in my head down they’d drive me insane!


Tell me about your strongest attribute as a writer.  How did you develop this?

Ooooh that’s a tricky one. It’s like when someone asks you in a job interview what your strengths are. You never know quite what to say without sounding arrogant! I guess if I had to pick something I would say that my storytelling is where I’m strongest. I’ve never claimed to be the greatest writer in the world, but I like to think that I know how to tell a story that pulls the reader along. The comment I most get about my books is that you can’t put them down. As for developing it – I just tell stories all the time. In my head I’m constantly playing out scenes, even everyday stuff, I play them out over and over again until the level of ‘drama’ is just right and it flows. I guess I do the same thing with my books.


What is the absolute best part of being an author?

Entertaining people, and touching them somehow. The best moments of my career have been when people have made the effort to contact me to tell me what they thought of the books. Even if it’s just that they took the time to write a review. I love the idea that something I’ve created has touched them, or moved them in some way.


What are your goals for the next five years?

Write, write, write! I want to get the two series I’m currently working on completed and then work on some of the other projects I’ve got on hold at the moment. Ideally, obviously I’d love to get a book on the bestsellers list. I’d love to really start making some waves with my writing.


Describe your perfect reader:

That’s a tough one, because so far the people who’ve all loved my first book have varied so much in age and background. I suppose the perfect reader for me is someone willing to take a chance on an unknown writer! Someone willing to be open-minded about what they read and let the story sweep them away. I think anyone can enjoy any book if they go into it with an open mind.


What’s the best way for your fans to support your work?

Word of mouth is everything! If people enjoy what they read then the best thing they can do to support me is tell other people. Follow me on twitter, and retweet, like the page on Facebook, review and recommend the book on Goodreads. All of these things will help more people find the book. I’m an Indie author, so I don’t have the support of a huge marketing campaign so my readers are also my marketers. Any support Is completely priceless!


Thanks for allowing me to interview you, Nicola!  Best of luck!

Chasing Freedom is out NOW!  Get your copy on Kindle, Nook, or in other formats on Smashwords.  Connect with and support Nicola on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and on her blog, The Writer’s Desk.

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