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Encryption - Book Cover - Bill Ward

Encryption by Bill Ward

In a small software engineering company in England, a game changing algorithm for encrypting data has been invented, which will have far reaching consequences for the fight against terrorism. The Security Services of the UK, USA and China all want to control the new software.
The Financial Director has been murdered and his widow turns to her brother-in-law to help discover the truth. But he soon finds himself framed for his brother’s murder.
When the full force of government is brought to bear on one family, they seem to face impossible odds. Is it an abuse of power or does the end justify the means?
Only one man can find the answers but he is being hunted by the same people he once called friends and colleagues.



What is Encryption? Excerpt from new thriller!

“The war against terrorism isn’t being fought on a battlefield as such. It’s being fought by people like me sat at computers. We need to be able to access data and convert that into information we can use to detect and hunt down terrorists….

Basically it’s all maths. An encryption algorithm converts electronic data into a form that cannot be read and then reconverts it back for the user who has the correct key.”

“I thought you could solve any maths problem with a big enough computer. And I’m sure we must have some of the biggest.”

“Theoretically. Practically let me give you an example. You know the type of passwords you use to protect files?”


“Well I guess you use something you can reasonably remember and six or possibly eight characters long?”


“Easy to break. But say you use a password of thirty two characters. Let’s pretend we could use a computer that can guess one trillion, that’s a one followed by twelve zeros, keys a second. No such computer actually exists but hey we’re just speaking hypothetically. On average, it would take around two million, million, million, that’s a two followed by eighteen zeros, years to guess the password. So you can make data safe with the correct password until the point you want to send it over the airwaves. A message to someone for example. A bank payment. Purchase of an airline ticket. That’s when you really need to encrypt it.”

Dave continued. “If we had today’s ability to access information back in the days of nine eleven, we would have been able to prevent it. We would have been able to identify the pilots as people of interest, from countries that traditionally harbor terrorists. We could then have connected that with money wired around, and connecting that with one-way airline tickets would have given us some actionable intelligence.”


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Bill Ward

Author Photo - Bill Ward


Bill has recently retired from the corporate world and has finally fulfilled his lifelong ambition to become an author. He has written two thrillers, Revenge and Encryption, with the expectation of many more to follow.
Bill lives in Brighton, UK with his German partner and has seven daughters, a son, two horses, a dog and two cats!






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