tinyguitarRock the Book is a site for Indie authors and readers, founded by Nicola S. Dorrington, Leti Del Mar, and yours truly.  Indie author interviews, reviews, and lots, lots more.  Articles almost every day, to help you navigate the rough waters of being an Indie author.  Oh, and lots of love!

Nicola Dorrington is a YA fantasy author of The Last Knight and Chasing Freedom.  Visit her at The Writer’s Desk.

Leti Del Mar is a fellow author and book blogger.  Her books include The Inadvertent Thief, Land of the Unaltered, Secrets of the Unaltered, and How to Self-Publish: A Do-ItYourself Approach.  Visit her at Words With Leti Del Mar and Books With Leti Del Mar.

Emily, a college student in Wisconsin, runs a book blog called rooftopreading, and is also an Honorary Rock the Book Chick.

Prudence Hayes over at Peace, Love, and Writing blogs about authors and books.  She is also the author of When it Rains: The Umbrella Collection, and Back Into the Sunshine.

Jo Hurst at Cometbabesbooks blogs about the books she has read and offers recommendations to friends.

Nonnie Jules is very active helping Indie authors promote their work over at Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules.

The 7K Report – Author Earnings is an absolute must-read for any author trying to make the decision between traditional publishing and going Indie.

Alice Dee writes about writing, reading, and showcases fellow authors over at Behind the Novel.

Laquesha Bailey blogs about books, reading, writing, and more over at Booklover 2.0.

What Happened to the Wallflower? is a book blog and the home of author Rae Slater.

Kim Dyer, aspiring novelist, writes reviews at Arkham Reviews.

Jerome and Tiffany run Light Knocks, “a collective community of creative minds that are pursuing a common goal, living a purposeful life, collaborating our talents, showcasing our passions, and bringing awareness to our generation.”

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