How cool is this: A reader poem inspired by E!

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I just had to share this, because I thought it was so super-cool.  No one has ever written a poem inspired by my work before, so this must be a milestone or something, right?

Fellow author and screenwriter Samuel Patrick Jones said:  “I believe you are a very talented writer and have a unique vision. When I read something that sparks my interest, I always write a poem.”

(Which is just cool, anyway!)

Here’s the poem:

The blind man’s mark, the fool’s self chosen snare.
Found Fancy’s scum and drums of scattered thought.
Band of all evils and cradle of causeless care.
The webs of will, whose end is never wrought.
Desire, desire I have too dearly bought.
Who should my mind, to higher things prepare.
Yet in vanity, has my ruins sought.
In the maddest, to all things aspire.
In the kindest, all the smoky fire.
For virtue, has this a better lesson taught.
Within myself, to seek my only hire.
Desiring not, but how to kill desire.
In a trance, to our omnipotent God.
I stand near the ultimate consequence.
Before the beginning of years.
There came to the making of man.
Time, with a gift of tears.
Grief, with a glass that ran.
Pleasure, with pain for leaven.
Summer, with flowers that felt.
Remembrance, fallen from heaven.
And madness, risen from hell.
Strength, without hands to smite.
Love, that endures for a breath.
Night, as a shadow of light.
And life, a shadow of death.
He who bends to himself a joy.
Does the winged life destroy.
But he who kisses joy in fleeting.
Lives in eternities sunrise.

by Samuel Patrick Jones

(used with permission from the author)

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