Evolution and Jason and Lily on sale…

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jason-and-lily-coverI’m running a small promotion on Evolution and Jason and Lily through this weekend only (Sept 9-11, 2016).  These books will be 99 cents each on Amazon, so it’s a great time to pick up a copy if you haven’t read them yet.  Also, Jason and Lily has a new cover that’s more in line with the rest of the series.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on the rollout of my new series, Fairytale Evolution.  The first book is still going through the editing process, but we’re closing in now.  So far, my editor assures me there are only minor changes to be made, which is a great thing as far as getting the book out to you sooner.  I should be setting a release date soon.

Also, I’ve started writing the spinoff to The E Series, but I’ll be honest and say that the writing is not going as quickly as I’d hoped.  We’ve had a lot on our plates lately— health issues, back-to-school, etc— and it has been very difficult to carve out the writing time.  I’m crossing my fingers for things to improve soon so that I can get things done a little faster.

I’ll be posting some Fairytale Evolution teasers before long, along with the official cover reveal (for those of you who haven’t gotten a sneak peek through the newsletter, etc.).

Have a great day!!!

FREE – An Awesome Dystopian Fantasy from Jane Dougherty

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 So maybe you’ve read all my books and you’re looking for something awesome to read…

Well, here’s an awesome book, and it’s free July 14th and 15th, 2015.  I would personally recommend this book, and not just because the author happens to be my friend.  The Dark Citadel is an amazing amalgamation of dark, gritty dystopia and vivid, hopeful fantasy.  I’ve just never read anything like it before.  AND, it’s the first book in a series, so if you like it, your reading list is sorted for a while.  Since it’s free, there’s no reason not to grab a copy, right?  Without further adieu, I’m turning it over to Jane to tell you about her work:

The Dark Citadel cover large

There is a secret in Deborah’s past she has only heard in whispers. Her present is a nightmare—shunned and feared, they call her Serpentspawn. The future is a forced marriage to a disturbed, twisted boy. Escape from Providence into the desert wastes is the only way out. But this is the demon’s realm, and Abaddon has her in his sights. One rampart, one shield stands between Deborah and destruction—his name is Jonah.

Together, Deborah the pariah girl and Jonah the dog boy will change the world. Or die in the attempt.

The Dark Citadel, first volume of The Green Woman trilogy, is the story of Deborah’s flight to find her mother, the Green Woman, to offer humanity an alternative to the evil nourished by the Elders. It is a story of courage and the overwhelming power of love.

The Dark Citadel is the gateway to a world of fear, hatred and ignorance, beset by evil and rotten to the core. But there is hope in a green girl, a runaway boy, and the handful of ordinary people who believe in something better. The Green Woman trilogy tells how they build the dream. If you care to follow Deborah and her wild chase, her story starts here.


The Dark Citadel on Amazon US

The Dark Citadel on Amazon UK


Free from Amazon for July 14th Bastille Day and July 15th for those who were out celebrating.


MidnightRaysAs an added bonus, the short story, Midnight Visitors, will also be free from the 14th through to the 18th. Like Deborah, Aisha refuses a forced marriage. Unlike Deborah, she has nowhere to run, but she does have an almost unique gift in loveless Providence, a family that cares about her. The secret police might be on her tail, but the Green Woman is moving, the regime of the Elders is faltering, and Aisha dares to hope in a better future—if only her brother is proved wrong, and they are not destined to become the first martyrs of the revolution.


Amazon has glitched and has not put this one free today, so Jane has set it up to be free tomorrow, July 15th.  Hopefully it will work this time!


Midnight Visitors

Midnight Visitors on Amazon US

Midnight Visitors on Amazon UK