The book trailer dilemna

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Quite some time ago, my amazing husband came up with a fantastic concept for a book trailer.  We talked about the details and he immediately convinced me that we had to do it.  I mean, he’s a genius.  And he has a substantial knowledge of film-making, so everything seemed like it was going to work.  We were gonna do it.  I was (and am) totally psyched about the whole idea.  So why, you ask, is there no awesome book trailer yet?

Well, the book trailer idea is not a series of stills.  It’s live action.  And it involves one loud, bloodcurdling scream.  I don’t have a sound stage.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

So, we were going to do the filming at home, but then the scream issue came up.  We live on a relatively quiet street.  There’s just the lovely older couple across the street, and the neighbors behind us.  We wave at them, but we don’t know them.  We haven’t lived here that long.  I put the ka-bosh on the idea of filming at home, because I just couldn’t deal with the visions of a policeman at the door and me saying “Yes, officer, everything is fine.  We’re just making book trailers in the closet.  Yes, feel free to check for bodies.  No one is dead.”

So then I considered walking across the street and informing the neighbors that there would just be a little screaming and it was nothing to worry about.  I didn’t really like that one, either.

Of course, my husband laughed at me the whole time I chased all of these scenarios around in my over-active imagination.  Then he said, “We can dub the sound in over the movie.  We’ll just go out in the wilderness and record the scream.”

OK, I’m thinking.  And then I imagine myself hiking along a secluded trail in the great outdoors, and wafting to me from somewhere far away, a bloodcurdling scream.  OMG, is someone being murdered?  Eaten by a bear?  I’d have the park rangers on my cell phone the second I got back to decent reception.  Of course, by then, the culprit/author would probably have had time to make a run for it.

Am I nuts, or is this a real problem?  What would you do?  (I understand that you’re probably not a crazy, eccentric author like me, so you are probably not going to face this kind of challenge anyway.  But you never know.)



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