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A couple of cool things to check out:

I was featured on Tricia Drammeh’s Authors To Watch.  Pretty cool!

I did an interview with Wendy Van Camp on her blog No Wasted Ink.

Thanks to both of these lovely ladies (and fellow authors) for hosting me on their sites!


Yes, E is now available on Smashwords in all the many eReader formats.  If you’ve been waiting for epub, etc, now you can get it.  That also means that E should be on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and so on within a few days.

Random Rant:

Did Google really just take away Google authorship?  Seriously?  After all the trouble of getting it working in the first place???  *rants*  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just ignore this one.  OK.  Moving on.


I finally got around to starting some short stories.  Well, not so much short stories as glimpses.  Expect to see some short little bits that will give you a quick look into the lives of the characters from E.  These are really for my existing fans who would like to know just a little more.  Yeah, you.  You know who you are.

If you haven’t read E yet… not sure I would read them until you do.  Not that there are any major spoilers yet… but just in case.  The first one is almost done and should be on this site very soon.  I’ll probably put it in a blog post as well as on the stories page, so it should go out to anyone who is subscribed to the blog.

Click below to read the first 2 1/2 chapters of E:


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