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It has been a craaaaaazy week.  I’ve been so so busy with a ton of things, and hardly five seconds to take a deep breath.  I’m still trying to get all kinds of stuff done.  Hopefully within the next week or so I will finish the formatting and have E up on CreateSpace so it will be available in print.  I’m totally psyched about that.

Speaking of psyched, I got my first review on Amazon this week, and it is five stars!  *Does the happy author dance*.  Great big shout out with many thanks to mrwolf for being the first to dive in there and write a review.  Here’s a little snippet:

…and out of the 40 or so books I downloaded open up E. What a pleasant surprise. The book is very well written. Right from the start you’re drawn up and caught in the main character’s predicaments. You’re practically walking along her side learning about her just as she is learning about herself. The book did not last long in my hands and it ends just as the sun begins to rise this morning.

… and read the rest here if you would like to see the whole thing.

And in other exciting news, E will be featured on Peace, Love, and Writing’s Book Madness Week this Wednesday, May 21st!  Thanks a ton to Prudence Hayes for all her hard work helping us authors get our books out there to the people who want to read them.  It would be an impossible mission without the help of awesome bloggers and awesome readers!

Next weekend we are going to be out of town, so I need to get some writing done TODAY!  I’m still aiming for book 2 by the end of the year.  More on that soon…

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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