The big city is no match for a blue-eyed farm girl with impressive Zung Pow skills and a flair for unconventional magic.  At least, that’s what Honaia tells herself when she’s unexpectedly assigned to a handsome city mage for apprenticeship.  The problem is, she never really expected double agents to be involved.  Or dragons.  Or crazy rips in the Space-Time continuum, for that matter.  But when it comes down to it, none of those things expected her either.

Flipped is the first book in the Fairytale Evolution series.

Contains: Language, violence, faeries.

Chapter 1: Opportunity (COMING SOON)








  • Genre: Urban Fantasy, Humor, Fairytales
  • Year of publication: Coming in 2016
  • Series: Fairytale Evolution
  • Book number: 1
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