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It’s here!  I know it took way longer than it was supposed to, and I apologize wholeheartedly.  On the plus side, the crisis with my dad gave me a chance to see just how amazing my fans are!  I am so incredibly grateful for all the kindness and understanding you all sent my way.  Awesomest.  Fans.  Ever.


So… release day is Friday, August 12th.  Endgame is on preorder right now on Amazon for $2.99.  After it goes live, the price will raise to $3.99.  I will be adding it to other retailers ASAP, so it will be available in different formats as well.


Here it is:



Humanity’s future is at stake. Ready to take on the Sentries, Eden prepares for the ultimate battle. She’s willing to give up everything to finally put an end to the tyranny. As alliances shift and enemies rise, she’ll need to get everything exactly right to avoid a future that’s more horrific than the one she already has.

And yep, that’s it for The E Series.  This book wraps up everything.


Yes, there’s a ‘however’.

However… I will be starting work on a spinoff series (that I’ve mentioned in other blog posts) soon.  So it’s not entirely the end.  There will still be glimpses of your fav characters, so if, say, you have questions about what happens to them down the road… you might just find out.  As everything looks right now, I’d say you can expect the first book (or two) in 2017.

Meanwhile, I’m working on the release of the first two books in a fantasy series, and they should be ready fairly soon.  My editor has them right now, so it kind of depends on how much red ink I get back.  If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ve got the first look at those books in your inbox.  If not, stay tuned for a post about them in the near future.

And, for fun, I’ll be posting some teasers leading up to the release!  I’m excited!  I hope Endgame answers all your questions and meets your expectations for the last book in the series!



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