Fairytale Evolution Teaser #2

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Meet Deez, Honaia’s mentor/partner when she moves to the city.  He’s a big, green, loud-mouthed troll who will say just about anything.  His character was inspired by my big, not-green, loud-mouthed friend Carlos, who, incidentally, is not an asshole.

“You didn’t have to be so rude,” Honaia pouted. “Do you really have PDS? There’s medications for it, you know.”
“Me?” Deez asked indignantly. “Hell no. I’m just an asshole.”
“Come on,” Deez rolled his eyes. “Give him the Mage Onus. Bat your eyelashes at him and all.”
“What the fuck happened to you?” Deez bellowed as Honaia stepped off the elevator.
“Bar fight,” she answered flatly.
“Without me?” Deez sounded hurt.


Elegy Launch Day Party

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The Elegy Launch Day Party will take place tomorrow night (Monday, Nov. 23,) at 8-12 pm Eastern on Facebook.  Click here to go to the party.  Come and hang out if you can.  We always have tons of fun.

Official party drinks: Brain Hemorrhage (alcohol) and Sparkling Peach Punch (no alcohol)


Sparkling Peach Punch Recipe



Brain Hemorrhage Recipe:

Check out How to Make a Brain Hemorrhage by Zeke on Snapguide.


Elegy is LIVE one day early.

If you just can’t wait to get your copy, Elegy is available a little sooner than expected.  You can follow my affiliate link below, or you can do a search on Amazon.

Enjoy reading!  I hope you are all having a great weekend!




Jason and Lily Teaser #4

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“At the eastern tip of the island, they were playing pirates. I fell in with the freckled boy and his crew. We called him ‘Captain Blood’, and terrorized the eastern shore together for a couple of hours. It was the best kind of pretend—the kind in which I could completely lose myself to my imagination.”