Three books.  Over 1300 pages.

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From E:


I wake up in a box of iron.  I know nothing, remember nothing.  There is one thought imprinted on my consciousness:  You have been erased.

Disoriented, I’m swimming in warm darkness.  Tepid air.  Tepid metal.  The inability to move.  Limbs pressing outward, ineffective.  My ribcage curled in on itself.  No room to breathe.  The back of my skull smashed against the box.  Neck and spine aching.  Heavy limbs.  Not enough space.  Not enough air.  Suffocating.  Dying.


 There’s no way out.

I scream.  It’s a girl’s voice.  Am I a girl?

Flailing.  Pounding.  Hot blood under torn nails.  Dry, shredded throat.  I scream until everything stops.

An eternity later, I awaken in the warm darkness.

It’s happened so many times, I’ve stopped counting.  I’ve stopped asking why.  Dry snot on my face.  Hollow insides.  Despair.  I decided long ago to give up and die.  But it continues.  Now I lie still in the dark.  Floating.  Drifting.  Time malfunctions.  My body winds down.  I’m fading.


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