Evolution Teaser #7

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Friendly (but not this cute) Sentries!

cute robot
I step toward the Sentry, pushing all the nightmare memories away, and thump it on the side. “Let’s go, you metal pile of shit.”

…though I’m kind of thinking it would be fun if Sentries were absolutely adorable, but still deadly. :p  Like….

Eden:  Omg, it’s so cu—  AAAHHHHGGGG!

*Disclaimer: The writer has a cold and is blog posting while on Benadryl.  Therefore she can not be held responsible for silliness.

4 Responses

  1. Nicola Dorrington

    They’re definitely not that cute!

    Plus, a lot of writers swore by writing on drugs… 😉

  2. Kate

    Lol. Somehow I doubt that benadryl was their drug of choice, though. When you’re answering emails and you’re like… “What the hell did I just write?”… you probably don’t want to risk delving into a manuscript. Then there’s the incredible urge to go to sleep. But hey, I’m brave. Instead of writing, I’m working on Createspace formatting. On benadryl. Good one, huh?

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