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The issue:

Despite modern improvements in written law, gnomes continue to be some of the most looked-down-upon members of our society.  While opponents of gnomes’ rights activists claim that this is due to gnomes’ short stature, more forward-thinking citizens can plainly see that a deep injustice is being inflicted upon the gnome population. Here are some facts about the inequalities that gnomes face:

  • Gnomes continue to earn approximately 22% less than the average Rensharian, and are far more likely to live in poverty.
  • Poverty contributes to poor diet and malnutrition, leaving gnomes as the group with the highest number of health risks in the nation.
  • Poor health and nutrition contribute to the diminutive stature that makes gnomes a target of bullying and intimidation.
  • Even among people who consider themselves non-biased, gnome assault is commonplace.  Social observational studies have shown that gnomes are far more likely to be “amiably” manhandled by their peers than other races.
  • Gnomes are employed in less desirable fields, where they are subjected to humiliation, unethical working conditions, long hours, and menial tasks.

These are only the beginning of the injustices that gnomes face on a daily basis.  Join with us and say to the world that all citizens deserve to be treated equally and fairly.  Put an end to this cycle of lilliputian persecution.  Stand with us as we say to the world, “Gnomes are people, too!”  (Sort of.)

How you can help:

Help spread awareness of the issue by joining the campaign!

  • Share this page on social media.
  • Add your support to the Headtalker blast: (Coming soon.)
  • Make your own video or post about equal rights for gnomes and send us the link so we can share it!
  • Tell your friends.
  • Always be aware of your own behavior when in the company of gnomes.


Please add your comments below:

Tell me your thoughts on the issue. How can we make sure that gnomes are treated equally? How can we get the word out? Have you ever had an experience when you inadvertently treated a gnome unfairly? Are you a gnome who has experienced social injustice? We want to know!

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