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  1. Becca

    I read a LOT of books, but this series has blown me away. I’ve read 1-4 in under a week (please don’t look at my laundry piles, unclean house or the bags under my eyes) and am beyond desperate for book 5! Please hurry!

    • Kate

      Lol. I won’t look at yours if you won’t look at mine! 😉 Endgame is now at 128K words, and I’m wrapping everything up. I hope to get A LOT more done this week. The writing is almost finished, and I’m going to get revising like crazy. I’ll probably announce a release date soon, so keep a lookout! *Hurries*.

  2. Jennifer Hiles

    Dying for the next book to come out! I’ve never felt so attached to character’s in my life. But Jason?!? Tell me he is not dead!! I don’t know how he could possibly come back from that. They were fated to be together. My heart is broke.

  3. Susan

    Kate, I’ve been watching your word count updates, and I’m so glad you’re almost finished with Endgame! I miss these people. I think about them more often than is probably considered “normal.” I don’t ever want this story to end, but I NEED the next book!

    What should I read in the meantime? You recommended something dark and brutal on your fb page a few months ago; I can’t remember what it was called, but I read it, and liked it. Any other recommendations to help get me through til Endgame is out?

    Thank you, and happy writing!


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