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Hey everyone!  I know you’ve all been waiting for the release date for Elegy, and I’ve been putting it off.  Well, the good news is, now that I’ve set it, it’s really not that far away!

Elegy is coming to Kindle on Monday, November 23rd, 2015!

Elegy cover

Less than one second: how long it takes for everything to change. The story rewritten. The answers lost. The world turned upside down.


Eden’s life is in tatters. Too many questions. Too many answers she never would have chosen. With no time to think or mourn, she struggles to take control of her fate once again. There’s one thing that Eden has always wanted— find Oscar. One solution— ask for Matt’s help. So begins a frantic journey with high stakes and savage battles. Buoyed by friendship, hardened by experience, Eden fights her way through endless obstacles with the single goal of reuniting her little family.


But does Outpost Three still exist, or have the Sentries destroyed it, along with the last of Eden’s hopes?


Look for some teasers coming soon.  In the meantime, I’ve been working like crazy.

Thanks to a nudge from one of my fans (*waves at Karen*) I’ve finally gotten around to working on the print formatting for the last two books.  In the process, I’ve made some changes to the back covers of E and Evolution in order to have a cohesive look for the whole series.  The print editions of all the books (except Elegy, which I will get to shortly) should be available in the next few weeks.

I’ve also started writing Book Five.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been making quite a lot of progress.  Unless this one gets incredibly long and I have to split it into two, it will be the final book in The E Series.  The idea of finishing up the series is bittersweet.  Quite a milestone and yet… sad.  But I suppose all stories have an end.

options-396267_640So what’s after that?  I’ve been toying with a couple of ideas.  One is a spin-off series set in the world of E, a few years after the end of the main series.  I’m really leaning toward this one.  There would be a whole new cast of characters, some big changes, and a very different story line.  I’ve got a lot of ideas that I want to play with.

Another possibility is a kind of prequel (I know I’ve technically already done that).  This one would be more a history of the world of E, telling the story of how the world came to be the way it is.  Some of those answers will come to surface by the end of the series, but I think that answers and stories are very different.  Answers are based on information– mostly “how” and “what”.  Stories focus on deeper meanings– more “why”.  So I am definitely tempted to tell that story.

…And then there are other things.  Different things.  I still have two books (and part of a third) in a fantasy series just sitting on the shelf, waiting for me to get to them.  These books are incredibly different from The E Series, but I love them, none the less.  I really want to get back to them, get them ready, and send them out into the universe.  But again, we’re talking about a series, so I think that once I commit to publishing them I’m going to need to focus on seeing them through to the end, which will mean putting other projects on hold for a while.

Just to throw in a few more options, I have at least three more stand-alone novels with series potential just banging around in my head, trying to get out.  And that’s really only the tip of the iceberg, because I see stories everywhere, in everything.  There is no way I’ll ever write it all before I die.  Someone really needs to develop some sort of direct brain interface, or something!

So, yeah!  Lots of choices coming up, and I’m really not sure which path I’ll choose.  But I’m definitely going to keep writing, because that’s my thing.

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  1. Susan

    So glad Elegy is almost here! As hard as it is to wait even a short time, I’m really impressed with how quickly you’ve gotten this series out. I read the Clan of the Cave Bear series by Jean Auel, and it was 20+ yrs between books 4 and 5, then 9 yrs before the 6th and final book!

    I love love LOVE the idea of a prequel spin-off series, and a tangential after-the-E series. This terrible world you’ve created, home to people we care about, has become a familiar place to your devoted readers, and I know I’m not alone in saying we’d love to see and know more. So, fingers crossed!

    Looking forward to 11.23.25,

    • Kate

      Yeah, I’ve waited out 10-year gaps between books, too, so I totally understand (though I don’t think I’ve ever had to wait a whole 20– yow!) I always have that in my mind– how painful it can be to wait for the next installment of a story that has become part of you. If nothing else, that would keep me working furiously, but you don’t really need to worry, anyway. I’m totally addicted to writing. Seriously, if someone tried to take my writing away I’d probably go through physical withdrawal! I suppose that makes it easy to keep churning out the books at a decent rate. I’m doing what I love to do.

      Glad you like the ideas for following up the series! I think I’m mostly leaning toward doing the post-E series next. I’m terrible with choices, though. I’ll probably mull it all over again and again until I get to the point where I’m done writing this one and ready to write the next thing!

  2. Scott Dyson

    Looking forward to reading the three (soon) available titles, now that I’ve finished EVOLUTION. Maybe you’ll find the time, energy and inspiration to do both pre- and post- stories! I liked the end of EVOLUTION as much as I liked the beginning of E. It’s nice that I’m at the beginning; there’s plenty for me to read! (So little time, however…)

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