Giveaway winners:

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The Eden Release Day Rafflecopter giveaway is now over and winners have been randomly selected.  Congratulations to the following winners:

Grand prize – Have a character in Book 4 named after you:


Signed page from the original manuscript of Eden:



Ebook from the E Series (winner’s choice):






Congrats to all the winners!  If you’re on this list, you should be receiving an email from me today.  🙂

(And for the rest of us… look for another giveaway coming up soon for the release of Jason and Lily.)



Rambles + Jason and Lily Teaser #1

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It’s been such a great week!  The release of Eden went perfectly, without a hitch.  I can’t even begin to describe how much I enjoyed the Facebook party and the chance to hang out with some of you!  We had such a great time talking about E and random stuff.  There were so many laughs, and I really got to know some of you who have been quietly supporting my writing journey.  It’s so incredibly encouraging to hear your thoughts on my books and see how involved you are in the story!  E has grown to be so much more than just *my book*.  It’s become something that you are all a part of, and that is an amazing thing!

Now I suppose it’s time to move the focus from Eden to Jason and Lily.  As much as I love all my books, I have to say that this prequel holds a special place in my heart.  Out of all the books I’ve written, this is the one I’m the most excited about.  I cannot wait for you all to read it!

Jason and Lily tells the story you’ve all been dying to know.  And at the end of Eden, I think you’ll want to know it more than ever.  It’s only just over one month until the release, so we don’t have long to wait (though it seems like forever).  Mark your calendars for July 23rd.

In the meantime, the giveaway for Eden is still running (until June 20th), and you can still enter for a chance to win having a character in Book 4 named after you, and more!

Speaking of giveaways, I have something very, very special planned for the release of Jason and Lily.  It will be fans-only, so you’ll have to prove you’re a fan.  Don’t worry—it will be easy.  I just want to make sure that this prize is going to go to someone who will *love* it.  Because I love it.  So it must go to someone who *gets* it.  🙂  Anyway, more on that coming soon!

For now, here’s the first teaser for Jason and Lily:



“I stood staring at it—the thing in my hand.  An orange, as round and fresh and vibrant as the sun.”

Giveaway and Facebook Party

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E symbol E3

To celebrate the release of Eden, I’m doing a Rafflecopter giveaway…

You can win…

*One lucky winner will have a character named after them.  This will be a new character introduced in Book 4 of the E Series.

*2 winners will receive signed pages from the original manuscript of Eden.

*5 winners will receive their choice of ebook from the E Series.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The Facebook Party is TONIGHT!

…As a matter of fact, it starts in about three hours!  Hope to see you all there.  🙂  8-12 pm Eastern

Click here to go to the party.


Come and celebrate with us!
Come and celebrate with us!

Eden’s Release Day is here!!! Release Day Blast Roll Call:

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Woohoo!  It’s finally here!  I’m so incredibly delighted to be sharing yet another book with you.  I loved every minute of writing Eden, and I hope that you’ll love this story as much as I do.

So many thanks to all the incredible bloggers, fans, and fellow authors who are helping to spread the word with the Release Day Blast.  I’ve sent out some different guest posts and excerpts from Eden, so if you visit these blogs, you will be able to read them.  (Unfortunately, I noticed a glitch with my formatting where some of the posts have appeared with the excerpts missing all the paragraph spacing, so I apologize in advance.)  Below is list of the sites who are celebrating the release with me.  Stop by, share, like, and leave comments if you can.  Let’s show these bloggers some love and appreciation!  🙂


Where Books Lead Us


Twitter: @tigerreads or & @robinhartloff or

Histogram: @_foreverbooklover_




@CometBabesBooks or


The YA Lit Chick

Tricia Drammeh, author
Twitter: @triciadrammeh

Krysten Lindsay Hagger, author


Marlene Moss, author


H. L. Burke, author


Mike Gaudy

We’re All Bookish Here

Amie’s Book Reviews


Elizabeth Davies, author

Twitter: @BethsBooks or

Jane Dougherty, author

Twitter: @MJDougherty33 or

Victoria “Tori” Zigler, Children’s author and poet



Nicola Dorrington, author

Twitter:  @NSDorrington or



…More coming later today.  🙂




Eden Teaser #13 – The Prologue

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Pounding, slamming, punching, fingers crunching. Tangled arms and lungs and nothing working can’t move can’t breathe—

“Eden! Eden!” Jonas’ voice explodes in my ear. “Goddammit stop this thing right now!” Panting—mine, his. A soft breath of voice. “It’s OK. It’s OK.”

“We are stopping. It takes a minute!”

“You’re OK,” Jonas says as the world slides sideways, our shoulders ramming into a wall.

A huge rectangle of daylight appears in the hull. All I can see is white—bright, bright white that makes me squeeze my eyes closed—but I’m scrambling for it, falling out the door and onto the road. I scrape myself off the pavement and stumble away, making Jonas’ hand miss my back. He reaches for me again as I stand to the side, hands on knees, head down, gulping air. I swallow down the bile. I am OK. It’s just a stupid armored truck. Nothing more.

I take long, deep breaths through my nose, sucking in clean, fresh air. I straighten and look at the wide stretch of blue sky beyond the road, remembering how open and endless the world is beyond the barriers.


I nod, turning toward Jonas. I am OK. I’m not even embarrassed. Not terribly. Not until I see Spec standing there, his pale eyes wide as he watches me.

Something in me snaps. “I have some issues. OK?”

Spec’s eyes flick from me to Jonas. He licks his lips, shrugs his shoulders like he’s taking off a pack, and tosses me a smile. “Don’t we all.” He looks to the front of our convoy, and to the back. “Is this going to keep happening?”

My jaw tightens, but I lift my chin. “I’ll get used to it.” My eyes scan past him to the long stripe of road that lies ahead of us. “How much longer?”

He laughs as he turns back to the truck. “You better get used to it,” he says. “There’ll be lots of places where you can’t get out. Places where stopping equals dying.”

As he disappears back into the truck, Jonas and I lock gazes. His green eyes are wary, but his mouth is a line of determination.

“What’s your trick?” I ask, half pissed-off that he’s dealing just fine with being packed in a metal box again.

He shakes his head, looking away. Disconnected. We’re so, so disconnected.

Giving up on an answer, I start to move past him, but his gaze flicks back to me.

He doesn’t smile, not the way I’d like. But there’s something real in his eyes. “I’m mostly just focusing on how badly I have to pee.”

I laugh unexpectedly, running my fingers through my hair. A glance at him reveals his gorgeous face stretched into a wide smile. As I step toward the truck, I keep my voice level, covering up the flutter of emotion inside me. “Does that mean I shouldn’t take a pee break now?”

“God, no,” he says. “Take a pee break. There are places where peeing equals dying.”

Wearing a smirk of amusement, I move between the trucks to take his advice. I gesture to the driver to turn around, tossing him a glare that ensures his quick compliance. It’s the most privacy I’ll get out here, so I try not to think about it. Instead, my mind wanders back to Jonas. He doesn’t realize it, but he really has helped. That smile. That moment of connection. A guilty little indulgence to hang onto when I close my eyes in the dark pit. Healthy? Probably not. Good idea? Unlikely. I thought I was past that. But sometimes you’ve got to make concessions. Choose your poison. Especially in our messed-up world, where stopping equals dying. …Where peeing equals dying….

I snicker as I squat.

Cover of Eden

  • Counting down to launch...
  • Come and celebrate with us!
  • Book Three goes tropical.
  • Have a character named after you.

T -2 Days to the release of Eden!

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As you can probably all guess, I’m getting toooooooooooootally excited about the upcoming release, now.  Jitters, butterflies in the tummy, and general bounciness.  Sending a new book out into the world is both nerve-wracking and a helluva lot of fun!

There’s a lot of awesome stuff to look forward to over the next few days.  On the 13th, there’s a bunch of excerpts and guest posts that will be floating around the internet, so if you don’t get enough of my rambling here, definitely go check them out and give those amazing bloggers some love!  I’ll be posting a list of links to those websites for your viewing convenience.

I’ve set up a Rafflecopter giveaway that will run from the 13th to the 20th.  You can win signed pages from the original manuscript of Eden, your choice of ebook from The E Series, or, get this, one lucky winner will get a character named after him/her in Book 4.

Me brainstorming new characters….

And don’t forget about the Facebook Party on June 13th.  You can post at any time and you may catch me, but I will be there, live, from 8-12 pm Eastern.  Don’t miss this chance to come hang out, ask your questions, and talk E with me, my (super-hunky and adorable) editor, and other fans!  Also, people who come to the party will get the heads-up on a special project I have in the works for the upcoming release of the prequel.  And you can get extra entries in the Rafflecopter giveaway just for coming to the party– it doesn’t get much better than that!  On our end, we’re planning on some sort of pinappley drinks worthy of the tropical setting of the new book (psst, it’s Miami).  So yeah, get all set to kick back and enjoy a fun night with us!  (I’ll be sending out a reminder to my mailing list the day before, so if you’re subscribed, you’ll be hearing from me.)miami-beach-674068_640

…And, tomorrow, get your first glimpse of Eden here, as I’ll be posting the prologue.

So there you have it, a coupla days of fun and games!  I hope you’re all as excited as I am, and I can’t wait to see you guys at the party!


An amazing book, for #FREE

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Just wanted to share with you all that my friend’s book is free right now.  I think this is *such* an awesome book, so if you haven’t read Jane Dougherty’s The Dark Citadel yet, you should definitely grab a free copy and see what you think!  I’m not sure how long the promo is on for, so the sooner you get a copy, the better!